Le camp Marguerre



The hidden village of Camp Marguerre (1915), in the forest of Gouraincourt . This camp, a rear base of the Germans, was built under the command of the German Captain Hans Marguerre. He created a concrete camp to test the uses of this material indispensable to the necessities of the war. It helps to better understand the daily life of the German soldier before and during the Battle of Verdun.




In the woods of Warphémont, in the commune of Duzey, an unknown, but quite impressive site of the First World War: THE SITE OF THE DUZEY CANNON.

By the end of 1914, the strategy of the German army was preparing a major offensive on Verdun, and decides to equip the entire area occupied by heavy artillery, including 380mm marine guns, called “Langer MAX “(Max the long). The work began in April 1915, impressive works, the soldiers built a gigantic reinforced concrete tank, which takes the form of the stern of a boat to accommodate the gun, two tunnels loading ammunition and Many underground concrete shelters.

This cannon was never found, because dismounted by the German soldiers early 1917.